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Lilypad is a Maine-based analytics firm founded in 2011 to provide mobile and web-based performance improvement applications for healthcare provider organizations and State Offices of Rural Health. We adhere to a core business principle that accountable leaders require sound data and simple, innovative tools to be successful in their roles within the emerging value-based care delivery environment.
Practice Operations National Database
Lilypad's flagship web application for rural
clinic data collection, reporting and benchmarking
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Finally, a way to compare rural practice performance, productivity and compensation.

Lilypad’s Practice Operations National Database (POND) is a web-based data collection, reporting and benchmarking application for rural providers including rural health clinics, community health centers, health system satellite practices, and independent physician or advanced level provider practices.

POND is designed to fill a critical gap in actionable and comparative practice level data that can be used by rural primary and specialty care provider entities seeking to optimize clinic financial performance, compensation and productivity. POND provides a vehicle for rural practices to selectively share blinded operational and financial data and to use peer benchmark information to guide improvements in performance and inform recruitment and hospital-physician alignment activities.

Primary care clinics are the foundation of the new rural healthcare delivery system

With the transition from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, primary care practices will continue to emerge as the nucleus of the healthcare delivery system in rural communities.

How well these clinics perform financially, manage populations, provide access to care and reduce unnecessary costs will dictate the future health of rural America.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of valid and reliable data required to operate these practices effectively. POND addresses that problem by offering the first and only benchmarking system developed specifically for rural clinic performance management.

Now rural physicians and advanced practitioners can understand their true market value

As the healthcare industry continues its transition to population health-based payment, rural primary care providers assume greater responsibility and strategic importance.

Their role will evolve from loss-leaders to linchpins.

But the economic value, performance expectations and cost effectiveness of rural physicians and advanced practitioners remains elusive.

That’s one of the reasons we created POND – to establish rural relevant benchmarks for provider productivity, compensation and financial performance.

Rural practices have different objectives, operations and performance metrics than rural hospitals

During the last several years, the healthcare industry has undergone massive consolidation.

One result: Nearly 75% of the 4,400+ Rural Health Clinics now are owned and managed by hospitals.

Yet effective physician practice management requires a unique set of skills, staff and performance measurement.

That’s why we designed POND to distill the universe of data into a set of simple but powerful reports and analytics tools.

Small rural hospitals have performance improvement networks – now it’s time to incorporate primary care practices

For over a decade, State Offices of Rural Health and Flex programs have developed rural hospital performance improvement networks.

The question now is how to enhance the value of these hospital networks to maintain their relevance – and to fulfill the objectives of a vast and complex array of grants.

We think the next wave of innovation centers on the engagement of rural primary care practices.

That means Provider-based RHCs should become fully-integrated members of rural hospital performance improvement networks.

Our Pricing Model

Lilypad has developed the POND program to be cost effective for participating clinics because we want to maximize involvement – while making the application easy to use. That’s why Lilypad partners with NOSORH and individual State Offices of Rural Health.

If your SORH subscribes to POND, your clinic will have unlimited access to the data collection and benchmarking tools ... at no cost.

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Take advantage of 2024 Federal grants to implement a performance management platform for your Provider-based RHCs

Provider-based Rural Health Clinics represent a new focus for multiple federal grant programs.

Specifically, the Small Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP) and the Rural Hospital Flexibility (Flex) grants now include guidance related to primary care practices.

For several years the State Office of Rural Health (SORH) grant has been used by over a dozen states to support Lilypad’s POND program – enabling access to a data and benchmarking platform for all of the clinics in their states.

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